Weather Phenomena

Oceans weather forecasts outline the following:

  • Weather Warnings
    • Gale
    • Storm
    • Hurricane
    • Wave
  • Winds
  • Waves
  • Swells
  • Temperature
  • Freezing Spray
  • Visibility
  • Precipitation
  • Sky Cover / Weather
  • Freezing Spray
  • Winter Storm
  • Freezing Precipitation





Forecasting Clients

  • Sable Offshore Energy
  • Offshore Nova Scotia
  • Hibernia
  • Terra Nova



Weather Forecasting




The impact that weather has on a company’s operations is tremendous.  There is no better example of this phenomenon than the Atlantic Ocean – known for its harsh and unforgiving waters.

The waters can turn deadly in a matter of minutes and without accurate and timely information on the weather, operations can go awry and have far-reaching effects.

At the very minimum, production schedules have the potential to suffer, equipment may become damaged, and at the other extreme, the risk of crew injury and potential loss of human life is a very serious and real threat.

Oceans Ltd. provides a highly dependable and accurate solution to these potential problems and threats. Oceans Ltd. is there for its customers every minute of the day, every day of the week, for 365 days of the year.

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Offices / Duties

The company has two in-house weather forecasting offices – one at its St. John’s, Newfoundland office, and the other at its Halifax, Nova Scotia office.  Oceans Ltd. has the capability to produce marine weather and sea state forecasts world wide.  While concentrating on the Northern Hemisphere,  Oceans Ltd.'s forecast offices can receive, on a continuous basis, ALL pertinent weather observation data from around the world.

Oceans Ltd. utilizes a complementary mix of man and machine for its weather forecasts.  The company’s highly educated and experienced weather forecasters work with the company’s MARINE WEATHER WORKSTATION.  This workstation was developed in-house and provides software tools for synthesizing and analyzing all observational and forecast data.

The company offers site-specific, area, and route forecasting.  Forecasts are client-tailored to meet the individual needs of each client.  Forecasts normally extend out to a lead-time of 48 to 60 hours with an outlook for the subsequent three days.  Extended outlook covering lead-time periods of 6 to 10 days are also available.  Forecasts are normally issued once or twice daily – however, forecasts may be issued as many times as the client prefers and the client may call the weather office for up-to-date information as often as needed.

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Forecasting Clients

Oceans Ltd. is able to provide marine weather forecasts on any ocean in the world.  As an Atlantic Canadian company, Oceans Ltd. has provided most of its weather forecasting services to those operating on the Atlantic Ocean.

The company has become the primary source of weather forecasting to the oil and gas industry offshore Canada’s East Coast.  In fact, the company has been depended upon to provide accurate and timely forecasts to many of the floating rigs located offshore Newfoundland and Nova Scotia for their weather sensitive operations. 

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Onshore Forecasting

Winter Precipitation Forecasting - amounts of precipitation, start and end time of precipitation, and the time the temperature will cross zero for road and rail maintenance planning.

Smoke Stack Forecasting - providing forecast meteorological data to run Plume Dispersion Models.

High Wind Forecasting - forecasting for exposed bridges.

Winter Forecasting - used for the recovery of de-icing fluid.






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